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3balls Bargain Golf Liquidators

About 3balls Golf 

Way back in 1981, two very good friends, Joe Ricci and Leigh Bader, arrived at a run down 9-hole golf course in South Easton, MA. Determined to make their dream of owning a golf course a reality, they pitched in their savings of $2,000 each, and bought some inventory, hung an "open" sign on the door and low and behold Joe & Leigh's Discount Golf Pro Shop was born. The 3Balls business followed in 1998 as they grew into what today is a specialized golf bargain and liquidation center for demos, blemished equipment, returned merchandise and all the great bargain deals you can imagine.

New and Pre-Owned Bargains Galore: Thinking of their pro shop as a toy store and the golf course as an amusement park helped Joe and Leigh grow their business over the next several years. Today they have an over 8,000 square foot pro shop that has won numerous national awards, including making the list of Golf Digest's GolfWorld Business Top 100 Pro Shops in America TEN times over!

Specializing in new, used and like new quality brand golf equipment has been the tools to success for 3balls.

3balls is also responsible for pioneering industry efforts and standards to make the secondary market in golf more efficient. In so doing, 3balls developed and created the PGA Value Guide. Reliable golf club industry value standards were needed to make the entire infrastructure of buying, selling and trading used golf equipment more efficient, and fair for both retailers and consumers alike. The PGA Value Guide, which is The Blue Book of Golf™, fills this need by becoming the National Standard for used Golf Club Values™.

Find the best bargains today on top brands for new and used golf equipment at 3balls!