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Footjoy Golf Shoes Review

FootJoy makes it's commitment to the golf industry by working to enhance your on-course experience through the development of superior golf shoes, gloves, outerwear, socks and accessories.

Their products are designed to exceed expectations in all weather and playing conditions by utilizing advanced technical innovation, performance, and supreme comfort.

FootJoy has been around since 1857 and is one of the brands that make up the Acushnet Company. FootJoy is golf shoes are designed around comfort, performance and tradition. For nearly 150 years, they have been committed to creating superior golf footwear, gloves, and accessories that are designed to enhance your on-course comfort and experience. They offer great choices to choose from for players young to old, amateur to top professional who love the game and expect the best. For over 55 years, FootJoy has been producing the PGA tours top golf shoes. This proves, the best golfers in the world choose FootJoy as the best golf shoes in the world.

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Footjoy Golf Shoes and Accessories


Introducing the new flagship product from the makers of the #1 Shoe in Golf. Inspired by FootJoy's heritage, the FJ Icon combines both full grain and exquisite calfskin leathers, supported by a performance infused outsole.


Top players seeking the best equipment choose SYNR-G golf shoes for ultimate stability and motion control.


ReelFit was developed to provide the most precise and consistent fit. ReelFit utilizes an innovative lacing system rather than traditional laces.


The #1 all-weather performance brand in golf. DryJoys are the standard of waterproof performance golf shoes. Redefined golf shoe performance offering additional midfoot support and motion control.

Contour Series™

Feel the flex! Special construction allows for the ultimate in underfoot comfort and flexibility.

Contour Casual™

Contour Casual is versatile footwear which utilizes a spikeless outsole, super-soft premium leathers, lightweight underfoot comfort, waterproof protection, industry-leading size options and world-renowned fit.

Golf Athletics

The Golf Athletics category provides shoes with a sporty appeal for those players seeking a more casual and comfortable look in their golf shoes.

FJ SuperLites™

FJ SuperLites deliver a performance ultra-light feel with sporty appeal.


Easy care, entry level golf shoe that fits like a FootJoy.

Pure Touch™ Limited

Utilizing the very latest in construction techniques and meticulous construction, the Pure Touch Limited golf glove sets a new standard for fit and feel.


Excellence in innovation has made the StaSof glove the most preferred cabretta leather glove worn by the world's best players.


The SciFlex features the finest hand crafted leather that's been engineered to stay softer longer and provide exceptional moisture resistance.


The SofJoy glove gives you a material advantage with extra-ordinary crafted features at an outstanding value.


The world's #1 glove offers golfers an advanced synthetic glove with a long-lasting difference.


Provides maximum impact protection for grip confidence while reducing club vibration.


Must-have performance equipment for wet weather conditions.


Must-have performance equipment for cold weather conditions.


The new XPS-1 golf shoes are engineered to provide incredible platform stability, XPS-1 takes outsole technology to an entirely new level...

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FJ Sport

Men's Designed and developed for the player seeking crossover-inspired performance golf shoes.

Woman's Model developed for women seeking crossover-inspired performance golf shoes.

FJ Sport Spikeless

Designed and developed for the player seeking crossover-inspired spikeless golf shoes.

M Project™

Developed for players seeking enhanced mobility with maximum feel and minimal construction.

M Project™ Spikeless

Developed for players seeking enhanced mobility with maximum feel and minimal spikeless construction.

FJ Street

FJ Street golf shoes blend relevant off-course trendy looks and top quality materials with the necessary on-course traction and comfort.

FJ® Professional Spikeless

Take your preferred comfort and style from the golf course to the street with FJ Professional spikeless shoes. Designed and developed with the teaching professional in mind...

Country Club Casuals™

Hand-made in the U.S.A., FootJoy Country Club Casual shoes feature premium full grain leather, which provides beauty, comfort and durability.

Spikeless Shop Shoes

Feel the flex. Special construction allows for the ultimate in underfoot comfort and flexibility.

LoPro Collection™

FootJoy LoPro golf shoes are a perfect modern blend of performance and fashion. These sporty styles are a must have.

LoPro Casual

LoPro Casual is versatile footwear which utilizes a spikeless outsole, full grain leather, waterproof protection, and stylish appeal.

FJ Summer Series

Super soft leather uppers combined with ultra-cushioned mid-soles to create "Pillows for your feet".