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Dexter, with a rich experience of more than 50 years, Dexter has now become a household name in American golfing wardrobe.

Dexter has come up with a range of golfing shoes separately for men and women. In that series Weatherlite has launched the Saddle and the Vineyard for men and women respectively.

The striking features of this golf shoes that draws your attraction in the first look itself are Ultra-lightweight stability, Leather comfort, Removable cushion Footbed and Reactive spike traction system.

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About Dexter

Founded more than 40 years ago, the Dexter Shoe Company is the largest family-managed U.S. footwear manufacturer. Dexter specializes in men’s dress and casual and outdoor performance; women’s casual and outdoor performance; and men’s and women’s athletic (golf and bowling) shoes.

Dexter Golf Shoes

Dexter Weatherlite Golf Shoes - Product Review

The two most important attributes of this brand that have propelled them to be widely recognized are the classic styling and innovation.

Dexter golf shoes are designed for the best comfort of the golfer. The Weatherlite is as good and reliable as any other Dexter product.

You can never expect such a fine quality shoe with nice style quotient. The durability of the Dexter Weatherlite is indisputable. Not only do these golf shoes look great but they also feel good.

Dexter Weatherlite Golf Shoes are equipped with the Stinger Spikes by Champ and Q-Lok receptacles. These coupled together offers a higher level of comfort with superior traction. The performance of this spike is better than any other golf shoe in the market.

Another significant feature is the Stinger's revolutionary new Visible Wear Indicator. This facilitates the golfers to know when to change the spikes by just looking at it. The insole has a unique DRYZ moisture management system. This helps in converting the moisture to a dry gel within the insole itself. This keeps the insole dry through out the day. All the moisture caused by perspiration is absorbed by the insole itself. Moreover the outsole is Ultra-Lite All Weather.

Dexter Players

Dexter’s golf shoes feature the new generation Fast Twist ™ quarter-turn spikes with Dynamic Grip Technology for extra traction. The leather-upper Players Series burgundy/black iguana saddle oxfords allow you to remove the spikes by hand. One quarter turn left and the spike is off, two turns right and it is secure again.

The Dexter Reactive™ Spikes are angled providing lateral traction during the swing and they flatten on hard surfaces and greens reducing the wear on the spikes. The spikes also remain sharp, even as they wear. Dexter does recommend you use a spike wrench.

Other features of this comfortable, super lightweight out-of-the-box golf shoe include:

  • Eight color choices

  • Innovative, 3-density outsole provides stability and traction during the swing and on various terrain

  • Full grain, premium leather performance

  • Enhanced comfort and maximized fit -Breathable, Hydroguard 2-year waterproof system

  • Soft padded collar linings

  • Removable Neotec footbed provides support and cushioning

The Players Series offers a true player's shoe designed to perform, in all weather conditions and on all types of terrain. Dexter's Players Series is built for golfers looking for waterproof walking comfort and lateral stability during the swing. The innovative tri-density CR-3™ outsole delivers lightweight cushioning, superior flexibility and stability, while the Fast Twist™ Reactive 2 dynamic grip technology system guarantees great traction. It's classic burgundy/black iguana saddle features waterproof full-grain leathers and soft padded linings that enhance your comfort and provide a secure fit.

Dexter History

In 1957 Harold Alfond and his family incorporated Dexter Shoe Company. Alfond chose Dexter because of their strong work ethic and the publics willingness to learn new trades Since then the company has grown, employing over 3,000 craftsmen in several locations.

Shoemakers: The Dexter Quality

Each Dexter employee understands the key to making great shoes is the combination of  excellent design and attention to detail along with quality materials. Many Maine craftsmen followed Alfond to Dexter and acted as craftsman to teach the other employees. Many original employees still remain with the company; while others have passed along their skills to their children and even grandchildren who work side-by-side for the company today.

More than ever, Dexter designs its shoes to go everywhere and do anything. The company's offers a full line of men's and women's casual and dress shoes, as well as boating, hiking, walking, bowling and golf styles. They all live up to this promise of great performance, so whether you are bootlegging it to a meeting, chasing after the kids, putting for birdie or bowling in a tournament - Dexter shoe will fit in.