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Choosing The Right Golf Shoes

When it comes to golf shoes, comfort should be your #1 focus

Golf shoes today have done away with the metal spiked contraptions of the past -- replaced by a variety of plastic options designed for turf friendly performance and traction.

Sneaker style shoes and even golf sandals are becoming more acceptable, and a more technological approach to comfortable footwear.

Some golf shoe uppers are genuine leather, while some are synthetic leather, and some are PVC, suede, or plastic. Some are waterproof, while others are water-resistant.

You put a lot of unnatural movement and stress on the foot during the course of a round of golf, it is vital that your shoes are able to withstand and support your feet throughout all of these movements.

Golf Shoe Spikes

Spiked golf shoes usually have 11 or 12 removable spikes for traction. Older spikes were made of metal and have a steel post, flange, and thread. They’re very durable, but are now being banned on courses because of the damage they do to the greens.

Soft spikes are made of polyurethane, which is a firm, durable, synthetic rubber that doesn’t tear up the greens like metal spikes. They’re also lightweight and comfortable. However, they don’t provide as much traction as standard metal spikes, and they don’t typically last as long.

Carbide or ceramic tip spikes are for the serious golfer, they have an extremely durable tip that’s made of tungsten carbide or ceramics. These materials are abrasion-resistant and will almost always outlive the shoe’s.

Golf Shoe Style

The traditional leather golf shoe resembles a dress shoe. While only the top of the line will have the all leather bottom, all companies offer a classic style leather upper model. The advantage to this type of shoe is a more traditional look that is widely accepted in private clubs that still have stricter dress codes.

The sneaker style that has become more popular is good for a person who is looking for a more athletic fit. The rubber sole is more flexible than the traditional leather bottom thus allowing the foot to twist and torque more while remaining in contact with the ground.

The synthetic leather shoe provides a traditional look at a far more reasonable price. These type of shoes are targeted to the player that doesn't play as often and just wants to have a pair of shoes that will provide them more stability than wearing a pair of sneakers out on the course.

The tech shoe, combines the advanced performance of modern day sneakers with the advantages of traditional leather shoes. These work well with the motion of the foot throughout the swing to maximize traction and stability while giving you a more traditional look.

Make sure that you find the pair of shoes that fit you the best, being comfortable on the course if the first step to a good round!

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