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Matrix Golf Club Shafts at Discount Golf Outlet Prices


Matrix Golf Shaft Technology

Matrix Shafts An American company, has been a leader in creating and manufacturing premium graphite golf shafts for over 15 years.

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Independently owned, Matrix enjoys total creative freedom to design and produce unique golf shaft products with a compilation of materials and ideas from around the world, including exotic materials from Japan, Sweden, and Russia; as well as theoretical concepts from U.S. and Korean universities; and efficient design applications from the Matrix research team.



(X-Axis Control) shafts are built for high-launch, low-spin ball flights. XCON designs bring maximum performance in high MOI clubheads and stable feel for all players. OZIK XCON 5, 6, 7, and the 8 Hybrid are made purely of carbon graphite and introduce new Matrix technologies DEA, GEF, and AVF. Created as highly efficient delivery systems,


Matrix OZIK XCON introduces golf to our new DEA (Deformation of Energy Analysis) method for evaluating how shaft construction relates to performance. In physics, Power = Torque x Angular Velocity. With most golf shafts, the energy that should be delivered to the clubhead and ball is deformed and lost through inefficiencies in the shaft’s design. DEA reveals these energy loss points.


In 2005, the Matrix OZIK TP-7 and TP-7x launched the OZIK phenomenon. The OZIK TP-6 followed in 2007 to complete the most advanced, materially-complex shaft franchise ever created. The limited Matrix OZIK TP-7, TP-7x, and TP-6 are built for ball speed and sidespin reduction.

The OZIK Series


OZIK XCON Special Edition



The Studio Series

tudio Irons

Studio Woods

Studio Hybrids

The MFS Series

MFS Woods

MFS Irons


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