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Grafalloy Golf Club Shafts at Discount Golf Outlet Prices


Grafalloy Shafts are in an explosive market saturation pattern with a fast growing number of amatures and pros alike switching to Grafalloy Golf Shafts.

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Grafalloy Golf Club Shaft Reviews


Much of the new technology today is geared toward the average to high handicapper who has trouble getting the longer clubs, long irons, woods, drivers, into the air for max distance.


Grafalloy ProLite 35 Fairway Golf Shaft:

is one of the few ultralight graphite shafts with a high kickpoint. At 73 grams it is only 1 gram heavier than the stock TFC stiff shaft so the swing weight is virtually unchanged. The ball flight and distance however are dramatically affected. Perfect trajectory off the deck and off the tee. This is how a strong 3 is suppose to perform. If you are having problems with launching your woods too high, give this shaft a serious look. It delivers as promised.

Grafalloy ProLaunch Golf Shaft

This Prolaunch shaft has been the top selling flagship from Grafalloy for several years now and it continues to grow in popularity every year, especially with the recreational player.

The number one premise behind the Prolaunch is to provide an optimal launch angle between 11 and 14 degrees. The Prolaunch was the first shaft to be developed, designed and tested using the latest in launch monitor technology. There are several models of the Prolaunch including; Axis, Blue, Red and Platinum.

The Prolaunch Blue is considered the first ultra-light shaft for larger heads, and it is without a doubt one of the favorites amongst recreational players looking to improve ideal launch conditions and optimize distance. They come highly recommended for anyone looking to gain a higher trajectory.

This golf shaft is one of the best on the market for the recreational player. Itís strength lies itís ability to get the ball launched at the optimal angle for increased distance. To get higher launch conditions, which consists of 2500-3500 RPM and 11-14 degrees of launch angle. The ProLaunch is a perfect choice, and it's available in 4 weight ranges sure to fit all swing types. The Grafalloy Prolaunch is definitely a shaft worth implementing into you game.


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