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Accra Golf Club Shafts

Accra Golf Shaft Technology

ACCRA a leader on PGA Tours around the globe, has continually achieved multiple wins every season since its introduction on PGA, European PGA, Champions, Nationwide, and the LPGA.

Accra Golf Club Shaft Review

Specializing in using the highest modulus materials and creative designs, ACCRA has carved out a dominant niche in the premium golf shaft market place.

ACCRA's innovation continues to lead the industry.

2004 - Introduced first super low torque/responsive tip graphite golf shaft. To date no other company equals ACCRA torque / tip deflection ratios. High launch low spin technology unsurpassed!

2006 - Introduced innovative AXIV Technology to a shaft designed for the North American/European markets. ACCRA AXIV offered unsurpassed stability and feel in a shaft designed to perform best with the new high MOI heads.

ACCRA continues to use the highest modulus materials to offer maximum performance and feel. No other graphite shaft manufacture offers a performance" guarantee!

For 2009 ACCRA is revolutionize golf shaft fitting.

Specifications are given as the shafts are in "blank" form. The fact is that golfers do not swing a shaft alone and many shafts dynamics change dramatically once they are tipped and butt cut to length and then inserted into a head.

ACCRA has tested their entire line of shafts "dynamically". Using a base (high MOI) driver head and the latest fairway woods and hybrids. The result is a line of shafts that are perfectly dynamically matched! Now once assembled into heads, and cut to length (tipping is not required, though certified club fitters may adjust based on the head of choice), and gripped, our shafts are designed to Match with respect to torque, tip deflection, EI curve , and flex when measure during a swing.

Using the latest in cannon, robot, and human testing, along with the most technologically advance launch monitors and high speed cameras, ACCRA has created 3 distinct Series of shafts that identically Match from driver through hybrid, ensuring the golf a perfectly, Dynamically Matched set of clubs.

Dynamic measurements are the only specifications that really matter, ensure your club fitter offers Dynamically Matched shafts by ACCRA. DyMatch is designed to ensure that all of your woods and irons are perfectly matched, for a perfect set!

ACCRA DyMatch Series Shafts

  • ACCRA DyMatch S1 Series
  • ACCRA DyMatch S2 Series
  • ACCRA DyMatch S3 Series
  • ACCRA DyMatch i Series

ACCRA AXIV Series Shafts

  • ACCRA AXIV XE Series
  • ACCRA AXIV XC Series
  • ACCRA AXIV XT Series
  • ACCRA AXIV XH Hybrid Series

ACCRA Classic Series Shafts

  • ACCRA Classic SE Series
  • ACCRA Classic SC Series
  • ACCRA Classic Tour Series

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