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Get Lamkin Golf Club Grips at Discount Golf Outlet Prices


Lamkin Golf Grips, Performance Plus

Lamkin’s Performance Plus grips were developed with the competitive golfer in mind. The redesigned dimensions of the upper and lower hands, along with the unique surface pattern, provide a unified, tension free grip resulting in higher swing speeds.

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Why Regrip?

Most golfers don't realize that grips are relatively simple to change and the right grip can have an enormous impact on their ability to shoot lower scores.

Golfers typically regrip for one of three reasons:

To fit their grips to their particular hand size

To achieve the desired feel for their playing preference

and climate conditions

To simply replace their favorite grips that have

become worn

The correct grip size allows you to set the club properly at the top of the backswing. A grip that is too small will cause the club face to close prematurely and lead to a hook. A grip that is too large can cause the club face to open at impact, resulting in a slice. Most new golf clubs come with Standard-sized grips but not all golfers have standard-sized hands. Visit the Lamkin Grip Wizard to learn your proper grip size.

Different material compounds and surface patterns allow us to offer a variety of feels in our grip line. Perhaps you prefer a softer or more tacky grip, or the traction of cord. Customize your clubs with the feel and performance characteristics your game needs for added confidence in every shot.

Worn grips simply do not give you the best opportunity to shoot lower scores. Grips that are worn will slip, which requires more hand pressure and ultimately creates forearm fatigue and additional strokes. Serious golfers should regrip at least once a year.


Lamkin Golf Club Grips

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