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AVON grips has been manufacturing the highest quality golf grips for over 38 years. Manufacturing facilities and joint ventures span from the United States to Thailand, Taiwan and China. Distributors cover the globe.

Avon Golf Grips

Avon Golf Grip Models Include:

Avon Original Chamois Golf Grip

The Original Chamois is design with a innovative Air-Cushioned Absorption System (ACAS) that has continued to set the grip standard in comfort and control for over two decades. It's soft supple feel it is preferred by golfers in need of arthritic relief.

Avon Chamois II Golf Grip

Following its predecessor, the Original Chamois, the Chamois II creates a new look and feel for golfers of all playing abilities. A traditional wrap style, molded from a soft EPDM rubber compound, along with the proprietary Air-Cushioned Absorption System (ACAS) offers a winning look and feel combination.

Tour MTx4

The TOUR MTx4 micro textured grip has a better feel, better performance and better shock absorption. Enhanced micro-traction eliminates club head twisting and improves overall traction for a more comfortable and relaxed grip of your golf club resulting in consistently straighter shots, every swing. The MTx4 also provides discrete hand alignment arrows for a perfect hand set-up each time you grip your club.

Pro D2x

Pro D2x is a dual-molded compound boasting a firm rubber upper and softer rubber lower section in a dual-color design. The Pro D2x grip supports the strong-left, weak-right philosophy of gripping a golf club. The firm rubber, all-weather lower section combines comfort, feedback and feel for a true connection between the player and the club.


Nexus is the all weather favorite because of it's firm responsive feel in all conditions. A combination of high-tech compound and high performance design.

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