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Synchron Golf Clubs and Accessories


Hireko Discount Golf Equipment and Pre-Owned Trade In

The Synchron II woods are our most popular fairway woods of all time because of their proven ease of play. With eight lofts available in RH and five in LH, this makes this series quite possibly the most versatile in the industry.

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Hireko Factory Direct Custom Golf Clubs

Save Up To 85%

Synchron II Woods (Adams Clone)

See for yourself why these clubs are in so many bags across the globe! The dual rails cut through the most difficult rough, but still easy to hit from hard pan lies due to the shallow face height and low center of gravity.


Synchron is now owned by Hireko

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Synchron Synergy Iron 3-Pw

#1 Selling Set Of Irons

Synergy Irons (The Most Forgiving Irons Ever Made)

3 & 4 Irons: Hybrid irons with a wide sole for length and accuracy.

5, 6 & 7 Irons: Muscle back feature provides low center of gravity.

8,9, PW & SW: Cavity Back irons provide accuracy and control.

Synchron Clubs and Accessories

Synchron SP-6 460cc Titanium Driver

Synchron Medic 460cc Titanium Driver

Synchron SP-6 Fairway Wood

Synchron II Fairway Wood

Synchron SP-6 Integrated Hybrids #3, 4

Synchron Headcover

Synchron ZT Featherlite

Synchron Tourflex 947

Synchron Hot Forged Irons

The all-new Synchron Soft Steel long irons feature a deep cavity design for forgiveness, the mid irons a shallow cavity design for playability, and the short irons are muscleback for superior feel.

Synchron irons incorporate the same state-of-the-art flow cavity design as the Synchron Hot Forged Irons, but in a soft 304 stainless cast version.


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