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Sonartec Golf Equipment

What Makes Sonartec Golf Equipment So Unique?

Sonartec golf specializes in making innovative products with ground breaking technology. This drive has helped Sonartec become the third most used fairway wood on the PGA Tour. You’ll see Sonartec in the bags of approximately 200 PGA Touring Professionals worldwide.

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Discount Sonartec Golf Gear

Sonartec's patented driving cavity technology, premium materials, and high manufacturing standards has set them apart from the rest in the golf industry.


Products Include:

Sonartec Utility Clubs,

Sonartec Fairway Woods

Sonartec GS Tour Fairway Wood,

Sonartec MD Transition Utility Club,

Sonartec LS-99 Fairway Wood,

Sonartec NP-99 Fairway Wood,

Sonartec SS-2.5 Mid-Face Fairway Wood,

Sonartec SS-3.5 Deep-Face Fairway Wood,

Sonartec Proto T35 Wedge,


Sonartec Golf Bags:

Sonartec Carry Bag,

Sonartec Club Glove Travel Cover,

Sonartec Mini Staff Bag

Sonartec Tour Staff Bag.

Sonartec Golf Cart Bag

Sonartec Golf Stand Bag

Sonartec Golf is America's Premiere Wood Specialist.

Sonartec's expertise in woods is unprecedented in the golf world. In a few short years, it has become the 3rd most used fairway wood on the PGA Tour, and in the bags of the winners of over 30 worldwide professional events. More than 200 PGA Touring pros used Sonartec Golf Equipment in Tournament play.

Award Winning Products. Beyond success on the Tour, Sonartec Golf has received accolades and awards as the best woods in golf among the general golfing community, including "Fairway Woods of the Year" by, #1 Fairway and utility wood in golf by GolfTestUSA, "Best of the Best" by Rankmark, the 2004 Highly Recommended Fairway Woods by Golf Digest and top awards from numerous other golf equipment-testing agencies.

Performance, Sonartec's patented Driving Cavity Technology creates its famous deep, penetrating ball flight and unequalled control. Premium materials, quality shafts, and uncompromising manufacturing standards, Sonartec delivers performance found nowhere else in the golf equipment industry.

Sonartec SS-03

Sonartec SS-04

Sonartec SS-2.5

Sonartec SS-01 Fairway Wood

Sonartec SS-02 Fairway Wood

Sonartec SS-03 Fairway Wood

Sonartec SS-05 Fairway Wood

Sonartec Hybrid

Driving Cavity Clubs MD Hybrid


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Sonartec Golf Club Models

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Super CV Pro Ti-01  


GS Tour















Proto t35 t46  


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