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Get Solus Golf Wedges at Discount Golf Outlet Prices


The Solus wedges embody the first legitimate new technology for short game wedge play in the last 70 years - since the development of the bounce sole contour that created the modern SAND wedge in 1931.

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Solus Golf Wedge

Solus Golf claims to have the first new wedge technology in 70 years. It comes from the recognition that most sand wedge plays are NOT made from the sand. In reality, they are made from a variety of lies around the green, not all of which benefit from the sand wedge’s flanged bounce.


Specifically recognizing that the overwhelming majority of short game shots are not sand play, Solus UTILITY wedge technology attacks the complete range of short game needs from the ground up. There are a broad variety of shot-making situations played from different lies and surfaces - requiring different distances, trajectories, and ball spin rates.


To create a more versatile wedge -- a “utility wedge”, Solus has introduced a crescent cut sole contour. A camber added from heel to the toe around the crescent cut creates a “negative Bounce” angle, which reduces the danger of a skulled shot on a tight lie. At the same time, when you open the face, the club offers increased bounce on sand shots.


The club also has full perimeter weighting to help keep off center shots steady. The C.G. for the club head is also slightly raised and moved rearward with the design of the crescent cut sole contour. This higher C.G. increases ball spin rates and improves trajectory management capabilities. The more rearward C.G. enhances gear-effect and increases the Moment of Inertia of the club head for better distance and directional performance on off-center hits.


Solus recognizes the demand for shots requiring different distances, trajectories, and ball spin rates and therefore offers multiple lofts for a complete short game utility wedge set.

SOLUS GOLF RD 4.1 Series Wedge

This Patented Crescent Cut Utility Wedge sole contour is provided on all lofts of the Solus Utility Wedge set.


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