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Get Ray Cook Golf Clubs at Discount Golf Outlet Prices


Ray Cook is an independent golf company that produces top of the line putters and wedges. They have been making superior golf equipment for 40 years and boast over 200 tour wins with their putters. Their putters today are still made with classical Ray Cook principles of design and with the latest technology in balance, alignment, and feel.

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Ray Cook Golf Clubs and Accessories

For over 40 years, the best players in the world, over golf’s most exacting courses, have reached for a Ray Cook putter. The Ray Cook Golf revolutionary Super Gyro Weight Adjustable Series is setting the standard for customization in putter fitting.

It is adjustable to over 20 weight combinations, and, in

addition, gives you the ability to modify your putters

center of gravity for the condition of the greens you're


The Ray Cook M1-3G Blue Putter is a modern designed putter that features ball framing lines that aid in getting the ball rolling sooner, solidly and on target.

The Ray Cook Gyro Black Putter features a unique perimeter with a back weighted design that promotes balance and steadier stroke. It also features a long line on the center of the head for a simple and effective visible alignment key.

For almost fifteen years, the Ray Cook Classic Plus has defined "VALUE" in putters. All feature the unique dual brass weighting system to make them forgiving. And they sport stylish graphics and an attractive "black pearl" finish to give them great eye appeal.


The Ray Cook Golf Satin Wedge set was designed with a traditional head for maximum control into and on the golf course. It comes with a durable, satin finish that eliminates glare.

The Classic Plus series offers entry level and frugal golfers the best technology and quality at a reasonable price.


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Classic Plus Chipper

Milled Dual Bounce Sole

Precision Milled



Austin 1

Austin 2

Austin 3

Austin Mallet

Belly Baroo II

Belly Baroo III

Belly Baroo VI

BG 1

BG 2

BG 3

BG 4

BG 5

BG 6

BG 8

BG Black 1

BG Black 2

BG Nickel 1

BG Nickel 2

BG Nickel 8

Billy Baroo I

Billy Baroo I 2006

Billy Baroo II

Billy Baroo II 2006

Billy Baroo III

Billy Baroo III 2006

Billy Baroo IV

CP 1

CP 2

CP 3

CP 4

CP 5

CP 6 Mallet

CP 7

Gyro 1

Gyro 2

Gyro 3

Gyro 4

Ladies Classic Plus 1

Ladies Classic Plus 4

Ladies Classic Plus Chipper

Lady Cook 1

Lady Cook 2

Lady Cook 3

Lady Cook 4


M1 3x

M1 3xi

M1 s

M1 x

M1 xi

M1 xi Gold

Silver Ray

SR 1

SR 2

SR 2 Insert

SR 3

SR 4

SR 4 Insert

SR 5

SR 5 Insert

SR 6

SR 6 Insert

Super Gyro 1

Super Gyro 2

Super Gyro 3






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