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Get Prophet ICT at Hireko Factory Direct Golf Super Store


Dynacraft Prophet ICT Titanium Driver

Change Your Swing One Degree At A Time

What if you had the technology to not only swap shafts, but change your shot pattern instantly?

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Prophet Factory Direct Custom Golf Clubs

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Dynacraft Prophet ICT

Introducing the new Dynacraft Prophet ICT Titanium Driver. The ICT features a revolutionary adjustable hosel that provides 8 distinct lie and face angles configurations, allowing you to instantly optimize the clubhead to your swing, not the other way around.


Prophet is now owned by Hireko

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The ICT Difference

The key technology is the octagonal interchangeable hosel insert. The ICT is purposely bored at an angle in one particular plane. This allows the adapter to be placed into the hosel in any of eight different lie and face angles. A shaft is epoxied into the hosel adapter. The hosel adapter is then slid inside the socket or inner hosel in the desired position of the head.  A screw and tool are used to securely tighten the two together so you can remove the shaft without potential damage to what can be quite expensive shafts.

The Prophet ICT is a club you can be fit for on the spot and taken home or to the course immediately. Or the hosel adapter can be removed and re-inserted in another position to provide directional help as one’s swing changes. This club can grow with the owner instead of becoming obsolete like so many clubs on the market.


The Dynacraft Prophet ICT Driver is available in RH 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees and LH in 10.5. This is Hireko's most technologically advanced driver.

Which one is best for you?

Examine the Dynacraft Prophet ICT Shot Pattern Chart. To correct a slice as much as possible, select the most closed position, which is #7. Position #3 would cause the greatest amount of slice.

Loft: Dynacraft Prophet ICT driver series (RH) is available in three different lofts to control the height at which one hits the ball. Loft controls trajectory along with the shaft flex and the face angle at impact. Both of the last two items can be changed using the ICT system.

Face Angle: A club with a more closed club face will hit the ball more left than the same exact clubhead, shaft, flex, length, etc than a club with a more open face angle.

The lie of the club can also help with not only the visual appearance at address, but in many cases the location the golfer may make impact on the face of the club. If a golfer has the impact continually toward the heel, it might be a sign that the club is too upright for the individual. Flattening the lie can move the impact position closer to the center of the face.

The ICT hosel adapter can provide multiple lie and face angles due to the angle of the bore. Instead of the shaft insertion being bored straight into the adapter, the bore is offset. This allows the eight sided ICT adapter to be configured into these sets of specifications.

Dynacraft Prophet ICT Assembled Price:

$119.95 Each

Dynacraft Prophet ICT Component Clubhead:

$79.95 Each


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