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Get Pinseeker Golf Clubs at Discount Golf Outlet Prices


Pinseeker Golf Corp., was one of the first companies to manufacture and market metal drivers, and is a company that helped pioneer an innovative type of golf club.


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Pinseeker Golf Clubs

A veteran golfing industry executive, Michael Metzgar, bought Pinseeker in 1976 and built it into one of the top producers of the "metal wood" club--an all-metal driver that has replaced wooden clubs the same way metal tennis rackets have displaced the old wood-framed racquets. The company also makes custom clubs and sells golf balls, bags and other accessories.


Pinseeker acquired the Dache golfing apparel division from Denver-based Exeter Group Inc. The line includes the Dache, Lilly Dache and Club Maui trademarks for golfing apparel.

The Pinseeker firm is the only golf equipment manufacturer licensed by the U.S. Olympic Committee. The license allows the company to use the Olympic rings as insignia. Pinseeker's premium-priced products are sold in the United States, Japan and 15 other foreign countries.

Pinseeker Medallion
3 to 9 wedge and sand stainless steel oversize irons.
Peripherally weighted and cavity backed to give larger sweet spot for improved accuracy and confidence.
Woods, 1,3 and 5 oversize titanium peripherally weighted alloy woods and centre shaft putter. 

Pinseeker Golf TPW III irons
The new TPW Deep-Cavity irons by pinseeker golf feature, a hyper steel clubhead construction for maximum energy transfer plus, total perimeter weighting and a flow weighting system in the back cavity which provides a very large sweet spot for extra forgiveness and promotes a square face at impact for straighter shots. It's 4 way beveled sole provides less turf drag at takeaway and impact plus additional flexibility on uneven lies.


Pinseeker Golf Centerfire Plus
Hyper Stainless Steel Construction
Progressive Offset and head size
Cavity back design
Increased toe and heel weight distribution

Pinseeker Starter set
Features 4, 6 and 8 pitching wedge with Pro Venture heel and toe weighted stainless steel heads.

No1 oversize titanium bi-metal wood with aerodynamic head.

Heel and toe weighted putter.
7ins graphite-friendly lightweight golf bag


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