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Get Odyssey Putter Golf Products at Discount Golf Outlet Prices


If "odyssey" is a word that describes your quest for better putting performance, it might be time for you to try the Black Series putters from Odyssey.

A division of Callaway Golf, Odyssey's White Hot and Black Series Putters seems to be all over the putting greens these days. The putters are the hot items on pro tours, and the hottest selling putters in pro shops, too.

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Odyssey Putters

According to Golf Datatech, the Odyssey's are the best-selling putters year after year.

But does that mean the Odyssey will work for you? In a word: Probably. If alignment is your problem when putting, you should definitely give the Odyssey line a try.

"Alignment is the biggest problem for most golfers, That's where the putts are made or missed for a lot of golfers.

According to Callaway's research, more than 70-percent of golfers have a tendency to putt to the right of the hole.

But in its own testing, Callaway says, 68-percent of golfers showed improvement in accuracy after switching to the Odyssey putters. The expanded mallet encourages a smooth stroke that keeps the clubhead stable throughout the swing.

The urethane provides a consistent, soft and durable putting surface. You get the same type of reaction each time. It's a nice feeling putter." But you're not going to buy it for the urethane insert. No, it's all about the alignment. And that's plenty for most amateurs.


Odyssey Golf Putters, Discount wholesale golf warehouse prices


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Black 1

Black 2

Black 3

Black i 1

Black i 2-Ball

Black i 6

Black i 7

Black i 9

Crimson 550

Crimson 660

Crimson 770

DF Rossie 1

DF Rossie 2

DF Rossie 2 Bronze

DF Rossie 2 Deep Face

DF Rossie Blade

DF Rossie FBI




DF330 Mallet






DF660 Bronze











DFX 1100

DFX 2-Ball

DFX 2-Ball Blade

DFX 2-Ball Center-Shafted

DFX 2-Ball Long

DFX 2-Ball Mid

DFX 3300

DFX 5500

DFX 6600

DFX 9900

Divine 2-Ball

Divine Marxman

Divine Rossie

Dual Force 2 #1

Dual Force 2 #2

Dual Force 2 #2 Center-Shafted

Dual Force 2 #3

Dual Force 2 #5

Dual Force 2 #5 Center-Shafted

Dual Force 2 Rossie

Marxman XG 224

Tri Force 1

Tri Force 2

Tri Force 3

Tri Hot 1

Tri Hot 2

Tri Hot 3

White Hot 1

White Hot 2

White Hot 2 Center Shafted

White Hot 2-Ball

White Hot 2-Ball Blade

White Hot 2-Ball Center

White Hot 2-Ball Long

White Hot 2-Ball Mid

White Hot 3

White Hot 4

White Hot 5

White Hot 5 Center Shafted

White Hot 6

White Hot 6L

White Hot 7

White Hot 8

White Hot Long

White Hot Mid

White Hot Rossie

White Hot Tour 1

White Hot Tour 2

White Hot Tour 5

White Hot Tour 7H

White Hot Tour 9

White Hot Tour Rossie

White Hot XG 1

White Hot XG 2

White Hot XG 2-Ball

White Hot XG 2-Ball Blade

White Hot XG 2-Ball CS

White Hot XG 2-Ball F7

White Hot XG 2-Ball Long

White Hot XG 2-Ball SRT

White Hot XG 3

White Hot XG 330 mallet

White Hot XG 4

White Hot XG 5

White Hot XG 5 CS

White Hot XG 6

White Hot XG 7

White Hot XG 7 Long

White Hot XG 7 Mid

White Hot XG 8

White Hot XG 9

White Hot XG Hawk

White Hot XG Marxman Blade

White Hot XG Marxman Mallet

White Hot XG Marxman Mini

White Hot XG Rossie

White Hot XG Rossie Blade

White Hot XG Sabertooth

White Hot XG Teron

White Steel 1

White Steel 2

White Steel 2 Center-Shafted

White Steel 2-ball

White Steel 2-ball Blade

White Steel 2-ball Center-Shafted

White Steel 2-ball Mid

White Steel 2-ball SRT

White Steel 3

White Steel 5

White Steel 5 Center-Shafted

White Steel Rossie

White Steel Tri-Ball SRT



Dual Force Marxman X-Act  


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