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Miura Golf Clubs and Accessories

When a golfer see's a Miura club for the first time, there is a common shared experience - LOVE at first sight. Like trying to define love, no words can describe the absolute exhilaration you get from swinging a Miura club, it is something that you need to FEEL to discover.


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Katsuhiro Miura is by all means a master craftsman. His endless quest for the perfect club has brought to the world over over a decade of classic quality that continues his meticulous refinement.


Often referred to in the Japanese media as having the Hands of God, Katsuhiro Miura actually works hands-on in his factory every day. He passes down his knowledge and skills to his two sons, and even grinds the club heads himself as well.

"The Miura Tradition". Mr. Miura is a shareholder of Miura Golf and he directs the design and

manufacture of the Miura Golf products as well as the research and development function.

Japanese manufacturer Miura Golf has been making high-quality forged irons for over 40 years. The new 2009 Series 1957 putters, pay homage to the company's roots and longevity along with the KM 350, a classic blade (pictured), and the MP 005 and MP 006 which both offer a more contemporary design.

Miura putters are all handmade and undergo the same forging process as the Miura renowned irons. Each putter also features a milld face that reduces skid while providing precise distance control. An oiled-chrome finish and soft profile make this putter a classic beauty.



Take total control of your next shot.


Tour issue performance & game improvement

The MC-102 opens the door to golfers who need a bit more help.


A perfectly executed act of subtle refinement.

CB-202 is a next generation of CB-201.

Who says you can't improve on perfection?


Forgiveness of a cavity

+ playability of a blade

CB-301 allows the golfer to swing at the ball with a natural swing.


Mild steel forged iron magic.

MIURA’s classic wedge series brings confidence to your next shot. Available: 50°, 52°, 54°, 56°, 58° and 60°


Extra spin with style.

MIURA’s black wedge series brings confidence to your next shot. Available: 52°, 54°, 56°, 58° and 60°


Easy-to-use inner-cavity utility long irons.

High trajectory, low centre-gravity.

Precision forging to deliver the perfect feel.

Special Edition: S E R I E S 1 9 5 7 B Y M I U R A

Yoshitaka Grind Wedges

Special Grind by Yoshitaka Miura

Series 1957 is a special edition by MIURA


The very best blade putter

Series 1957 is a special edition by MIURA

KM-005, KM-006

The very best from a classic design

Series 1957 is a special edition by MIURA



Ultimate cavity back

from Miura Golf

The popular CB-1005 in Japan is now available

Internationally as CB-201.


Take total control of your next shot.

It will appeal to the professional and top amateur golfers as well as those who are looking for the ultimate in forged irons.


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