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Red Hot Chili Pepper Driver

Krank Golf Equipment

Why you should hit Krank Golf Drivers: At Krank they spend every waking business hour trying to improve distance and accuracy with custom golf drivers and custom Long Drive Drivers. This commitment is what makes it possible to compete at the highest level of the Long Drive industry.

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The Krank product line also includes custom made golf clubs, like fairway woods, hybrid golf clubs, wedges, putters and golf accessories.


Krank is truly a Custom Golf Driver Company with one major goal in mind, to create the most explosive and accurate golf drivers on the planet.

Drivers, Fairway Woods, Hybrid Irons, Wedges, Putters, Apparel, Accessories

Why you should hit Krank Golf Drivers?

Can you say COMPLETE DOMINATION, AGAIN!? At this years 2008 Remax World Long Drive Championships the Krank Golf El Diablo Driver finished 1st, 2nd 3rd, 4th,, 6th and 7th in the Grand Champion Division. Rick Barry, NBA basketball legend and NBA Hall of Famer, brought home the Championship for the 2nd straight year by hitting drives of 373, 369, 361 and 360 yards. John Joseph finished 2nd, Rick Scott finished 3rd and Fred Hooter finished 4th. Fred Hooter LDA Hall of Famer and previous Senior World Long Drive Champion hit the longest ball during Grand Champion division at 396 yards. Fred Hooter is 65 years old.

Krank Golf is in the business of selling drivers. They are also in the business of making sure every golfer who buys a Krank driver hits it as straight and long as possible. What is the difference between a Long Drive Driver and a normal Driver?

For all you guys and gals out there here is the answer. The only difference between a Long Drive Driver and a normal playing Driver is the SHAFT!...  The DRIVER HEADS are the same.

The word has gotten out on Long Drive Drivers. They truly are bigger hitting clubs than virtually all-major name brand drivers. Still, the biggest consideration when purchasing a "Long Drive Driver" is that only a few of the drivers we use in the Sport of Long Drive really perform well for mid to slower swing speeds.

Many golfers have purchased the top clubs in Long Drive only to find out that the overall performance is not that much be...

At KRANK GOLF it is important that all golfers have an opportunity to hit and experience the drivers we use in the Sport of Long Drive. After testing virtually all major name brand drivers including Titleist 983, Callaway ERC, TaylorMade R7 R5 580 540, Ping G2 & G5, Cleveland Launcher, Nike Ignite, Wilson Deep Red and others, Krank drivers are far superior.

In a world where every golf club manufacturer claims they have the longest hitting driver in the world, it makes simple sense when the current and previous long drive world record holders are hitting the Krank Red Hot Chili Pepper Driver as their golf club of choice. Maybe you should too.


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