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Fourteen Golf Clubs and Accessories

Aiming to make the impossible possible in a club, Fourteen approaches development with an individual golfer in mind, then works to repeatedly and thoroughly test and scrutinize the most cutting-edge technologies that promote their design goals.


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At Fourteen, they believe in letting the club do its job. they work hard day in and day out to bring the joy of golf to everyone.


The most important part of the actual club head production is the developing the basic design dimensions. Club head dimension details, such as size, lie and loft angles, as well as sole width and face shape, are all based on extensive data collected over years of research.

By simultaneously simulating the various club head dimensions, such as shape, center of gravity, and moment of inertia, they are able to achieve an even greater degree of fusion between design and function in the club head.

It is absolutely necessary to ensure a perfect head shape. This involves checking the resin model for details that do not show up in the computer model and making sure intangible cosmetic qualities of the club head meet expectations. Feedback is input back into a 3D CAD program on any changes made to create data of increased precision.

A copper and brass “master model” is required as a basis for the shape. They then go about manufacturing the club head, matching materials and construction methods with detailed balancing measures, and making gradual hand-refined adjustments based on the 3D CAD data.

then comes full testing on the sample head created from a master model. This involves taking shape and center of gravity measurements and confirming that they match the original design calculations. A robot is used to confirm attributes such as strength and durability, and all performance testing is handled by actual human swinging of the club.


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