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Ceramic Advantage LLC Putters at Discount Golf Outlet Prices


Ceramic Advantage LLC Golf Putters

Description The one-piece construction of the ceramic putter provides one huge sweet spot.
Products Putters.


Ceramic Advantage is no longer in business but you can still find pre-owned putters here.

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Ceramic Advantage LLC is proud to announce that the Imhoff Ceramic Putter has received the member tested seal of approval from the Partners Association of America, and Partners Magazine.

"We were not surprised at the great response we received from the evaluation." Brad Maxwell continued "It seems like almost everyone that tries our ceramic putter, loves it!" Ceramic Putters were given to members of the Partners Association for evaluation. The members overwhelmingly approved the clubs. Details on the evaluation will appear in an upcoming issue of the Partners Magazine.

Ceramic Advantage can put any logo in full color onto the putters. Currently seeking new outlets for their product, Ceramic Advantage offers a variety of programs, from wholesale on up.


Ceramic Advantage LLC recently announced the acquisition of Quantum Ceramics. The management of Ceramic Advantage LLC brings over 30 years of ceramic engineering knowledge and over 22 years of golf expertise together to produce innovative ceramic golf products. Ceramic Advantage LLC is celebrating the acquisition of Quantum Ceramics by offering a limited time introductory discount. Quantum's main product, the Imhoff ceramic putter, will continue to be manufactured by Ceramic Advantage LLC, with improvements made to enhance the functionality of the club.


The Imhoff Ceramic Putter--manufactured by Ceramic Advantage LLC--is composed of a ceramic compound that is incredibly durable and functional. "Our ceramic putters are more forgiving and more consistent than other clubs," said Brad Maxwell Vice President and 22 year golfer. "The result is a feeling of confidence you can only get with our putters."

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