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Get Beast Golf Clubs at Discount Golf Outlet Prices


Beast Golf clubs are designed for performance. They have a punchy and assertive feel that rewards aggressive play with the ultimate result.

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Beast Golf Clubs and Accessories

The BEAST Clubs: simply dangerous in the wrong hands.

The introduction of the completely re-styled Beast range of golf equipment was a huge success several years ago. It also marked the start of the new “Dangerous in the wrong hands” campaign, which put emphasis on the strong, aggressive look and feel of Beast golf clubs and irons.

The BEAST Players

There are two kinds of player, two kinds of winners. Those who play defensively, strategically, analyzing everything from the dimples on the ball to the tightening of the spikes. And then there's  those who go all out every time they swing the club. Try to make each shot the perfect shot. Every drive the longest. Every pitch perfectly placed just behind the flag. With enough back spin to zoom the ball straight back into the cup. Beast Golf equipment is made for the latter kind. Players to whom winning is only completely satisfactory if it is done with passion and panache.


Try Beast Clubs today and see for yourself why they rate at the top year after year.

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