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The Avatar Driver Cup Face Technology moves the weld away from the perimeter of the face as compared to traditional welding techniques. Avatar series is designed to help you achieve the maximum distance and accuracy on every shot, which increases the spring-like effect over a much greater area of the face.        Avatar is now owned by Hireko.

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Avatar Factory Direct Custom Golf Clubs

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The Avatar 460 cc driverís elongated body shape and internal weighting on the soleplate adds to the stability by shifting the center of gravity rearward to increase the launch angle of the ball, while reducing the spin rate for optimum distance. Avatar's design increases distance on every shot, not just when struck on the "sweet spot".

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Dynacraft Avatar Inversion Comp Driver

Dynacraft Avatar Titanium Driver

Dynacraft Avatar Offset Titanium Driver

Dynacraft Avatar Fairway Wood

Dynacraft Avatar Launch Series Hybrid

Dynacraft Avatar Pro Series Hybrid

Dynacraft Avatar High Launch Iron

Dynacraft Avatar Mid Launch Iron

Dynacraft Avatar Carbon Wedge

Avatar golf wedge extremely helpful to avoid rough shots

Avatar Series wedge's feature 4-way camber sole to hit from any lie

Golf club features pre-worn heel to allow for delicate shots around the green


Many golfers probably have not heard of Hireko Golf but they have probably heard of many of the brands this well respected component company has acquired over the past nearly 30 years. These brands include Pal Joey, Acer and Dynacraft.

Hireko Golf's Avatar XMOI woods

We took an Avatar XMOI driver (10.5 degrees) and matching 3-wood (15 degrees) out to the practice tee and course to compare them against some big-name competitors, specifically the Nike SQ Dymo driver and 3-wood. By all means, they compared extremely well and at a fraction of the cost.

For players looking to upgrade older golf equipment - and older technology - Hireko Golf offers very solid equipment for surprisingly affordable prices. Dynacraft Avatar XMOI 460cc driver costs less than $100, fully assembled. For around $50 more, or custom order a tricked out version that is almost certain to impress you with its length.


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