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Get Alien Golf Clubs at Discount Golf Outlet Prices


Do you believe in Aliens? You can believe in the Alien Shot Saver wedge. This next generation shot saving club combines a breakthrough sand iron and wedge, all in one very remarkable club


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Alien Golf Wedge

Its called the Alien Shot Saver wedge because it is truly Out Of This World when its comes to results

You can now hit out of deep rough. Tight lies, off the side of hills or from deep bunkers – all with great accuracy

Building on the history, success and innovative design technology of the Alien Wedge – this is the new, ultimate, must have club for sand shots, chip shots, Lob shots – all lies, out of the rough, chip and run.


The Multi-Function Alien Shot Saver could be the biggest stroke saver in your bag.

The Alien Shot Saver controls the flow of sand passing around the club head to increase the ease in which the club head travels through sand. The easier the club head travels through sand, the easier it is for a player of any level to get the club under the ball so that it explodes out of the sand and onto the green.

The Alien Shot Saver Wedge’s patented design also helps prevent the club from digging in or twisting even in the tallest grass. Experience the loft, height and accuracy that the Alien Shot Saver Wedge can deliver. The incredible club head feel will give you the confidence and control that will get you closer to the pin.


Start mastering your game today with the Alien Shot Saver Wedge, –it's your short cut to an out of this world short game.


R& A Conforming, Comes complete with free protective head cover.


Don't take our word for it, Try it today for yourself and see how much it improves your game. The Alien Shot Saver Wedge!




Tour Shot 440


Ultimate Quad Metal



Ultimate Quad Metal



Tutch Tour Blade


Alien 2 Pro Series

Alien 3 Pro Series 2

Tour Shot



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