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Acculength Golf Equipment and Gear

Accu-length, custom fit Junior clubs grow with your child. Most junior golfers develop golf swings using improperly fit equipment leading to life long swing flaws. Kids generally learn to golf with adult clubs that were cut down, but are still way too heavy and unbalanced, this makes learning the game difficult for even the most athletic kids.

Acculength Golf Clubs, Gear & Accessories

At Last, 5 Seasons of Perfectly Fitting Golf Equipment So Your Child Learns The Right Way - and you don't have to buy new equipment every year. The patented shaft spacer system allows you to add to the shaft length to accommodate your child's growth.

The average junior golfer grows up to two and a half inches per year, and for every two inches your child grows, an extra inch should be added to the length of their club for a proper fit.

A four-year process of designing, patenting, testing and launching the Accu-Length Expandable Junior Golf Club System has revolutionized junior golf clubs forever.

For club fitting, Head weight, loft and shaft flexibility are the most important elements to a proper fit. Each set of Accu-Length golf clubs are designed with the proper head weights and lofts for the intended age group. As your child grows and their skills develop, the spacer system of the Accu-Length golf club actually stiffens the shaft, slowly easing the forgiveness of the club as your child's swing speed increases.

Accu-Length's Custom fit junior clubs are the perfect way to learn the game, since the clubs can expand with child growth there good for up to 5 seasons, providing the best value as well.

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Acculength Club Models Include:

  • 500 Series -

  • 1000 Series -

  • 2000 Series -

  • 3000 Series -