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Golf Club Rules and Regulations

The official rules of golf allow golfers to have as many as 14 golf clubs in their bag for any given round. If you violate this rule, you are to be assessed a 2-stroke penalty for each hole that you have too many clubs in your bag, up to a maximum of 4 penalty strokes.

Two-way chippers are illegal. The United States Golf Association Rule 4-1d states that a clubhead shall have "only one striking face except putters with similar faces.

All golf clubs, including putters, must be at least 18 inches long. Woods and irons (excluding putters) are limited to 48 inches in length.

Putter length is not restricted but the club head’s width, measured from the outermost portions of the putter's heel and the toe, cannot exceed 7 inches. The club head’s height, from the sole to the uppermost portion of the club head, may not exceed 2.5 inches.

The club head's width must be greater than its depth, measured from the face to the back of the club head. The width of the club face must be greater than or equal to half the overall club head width. The club face’s width must also be greater than or equal to two-thirds of the club head’s depth.

The USGA and the R&A, golf's two governing bodies, have ruled that anchoring a club will be illegal as of Jan. 1, 2016. Rule 14-1b now bans the anchoring of long putters and belly putters against the body.

Golf Club Head Construction Materials

When you shop for golf clubs it's important to know that the construction and design of clubs have changed dramatically over time.

Golf club heads can be made from many materials including Zinc, Aluminum alloys, HST Aluminum (a much harder aluminum), 431 and 17-4ph stainless steel, Maraging metal (stainless steel put through a special hardening process), Titanium (the most expensive material combines light weight and excellent strength). Other materials include ceramics, graphite and plastics.

Golf club components include the shaft, the grip, and the head. The shaft is a tapered tube generally made of metal, or graphite fiber.

The shaft is a critical component that allows flexibility through stiffness ratings that allows shaft flex and shaft torque to match the golfers swing.

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