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Pinnacle Golf Balls are considered the younger sibling of the Titleist brand and have long been considered to be the standard of affordable high performance golf balls.

In 1972, Titleist released the two-piece golf ball that changed the way ball manufacturing was heading from there forward. This included what was designed as a less pricey version of the ball for the amateurs. Its name was Pinnacle, and it remains one of the favorite golf balls of choice for millions of golfers today.

Pinnacle is now established as its own respected identity for distance, durability and quality in a top performance golf ball being manufactured for today's market.

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Current Pinnacle Golf Ball Models Include:

Pinnacle Gold, Pinnacle Ribbon, Pinnacle Bling

Older models include Pinnacle golf balls like theGold, Power Core, Hot Shot, Long Drive Platinum Feel, Platinum Distance, as well as Pinnacle 1, 2, 3, and many more. The Pinnacle ball is a great choice for all players looking for a ball that fairs well off the tee's, through the fairways, and gives a smooth feel on the putting greens.

Pinnacle Goes Double Platinum with the Introduction of New Flagship Models that Improve upon the Legendary Pinnacle Gold Franchise along with the New Pink Ribbon Products.

Building upon its reputation as the long-standing leader in the value golf ball category, Pinnacle introduces the new Gold Series along with the introduction of the Platinum Feel and Platinum Distance golf ball models that enhanced the legendary Pinnacle Gold franchise along with the launch of two new Pink Ribbon golf balls.

As the 2nd best selling brand in the marketplace, behind its Acushnet Company companion Titleist, Pinnacle continues to serve as the golf ball of choice to many players for distance and performance seeking value-conscious golf products.

The Pinnacle Platinum offers to serve as the new two-product flagship microbrand with premium positioning above the Pinnacle Gold family, along with performance superiority versus competitive multi-model value brands.

The New Pinnacle Platinum Feel and Platinum Distance reinforces class along with mass positioning of the Pinnacle brand. Inherent in the Pinnacle brand strategy is ensuring its reputation for providing golfers with distance and performance at a fair value price stays forefront.

From the advanced performance capabilities of the Pinnacle Platinum Feel and Platinum Distance models, through the new control levels of distance and feel with Gold FX Soft™ and Gold FX Long™, as well as the introduction of the New Ribbon model balls in white and clear pink, the Pinnacle brand name has never been a stronger choice, or as appealing to the value minded golfer.

With the Pinnacle brand tagline "Distance Doesn’t Have to be Hard" continuing to serve as the company drive, the Platinum microbrand improves upon the predecessor Exception model, offering a softer variation, as well as a longer iteration to attract and capture new lower handicap consumers.


Designed for golfers seeking soft feel and high performance control within the “better player” value category, the new Platinum Feel utilizes a soft, thin cover formulation and a large 1.595” core construction that contributes to softer feel with a high initial velocity. A new, high coverage 332 Icosahedral dimple design helps provide consistent ball flight. A new, alignment sidestamp promotes better putting accuracy.


Offering a longer distance companion product to the Platinum Feel golf ball, Pinnacle advances the two-model flagship family to new lengths with the Platinum Distance. A new high velocity 1.565” core formulation, resilient lower spin cover and new, high coverage 332 Icosahedral dimple design combine to provide golfers long, straight distance on all shots without sacrificing feel. A new, alignment sidestamp promotes putting accuracy.

Consistent with the new personality of the Pinnacle Platinum products, the Platinum Feel and Platinum Distance feature a new icon, jet trail logo Platinum nameplate and alignment sidestamp. The new Pinnacle Platinum packaging also employs a rainbow foil and liquid metal presentation to pronounce its platinum personality as well as improve its presence and positioning among other value products.

Pinnacle Golf Balls In The Market Place

Pinnacle's niche as the most affordable long-distance ball took shape from the very start in the 1970s. The earliest versions earned players' thumbs-up for distance, but today, the company's pitch for its newest line of Pinnacle Golf Balls reflects the evolution since 1972: "Distance doesn't have to be hard.

Pinnacle offered one of the earliest two-part balls that featured a solid rubber core and a long-lasting thermoplastic resin cover. Although the Pinnacle proved popular from the start, the company went back to the drawing board to create a "softer-feel" ball without sacrificing distance.

As Pinnacle, and other golf-ball manufacturers developed their two-piece golf balls, the competition pushed further advancements in the technology. When Spalding found that that a combination of zinc and petroleum polymer polybutadiene struck a better balance between the ball's bounce and form, Pinnacle as well began the new journey.

Today, Pinnacle continues to convince players that the ball still offers the best bargain in both distance and feel, along with value as they keep their prices lower than competitors. Compared to the Pinnacles of the 1970s, Pinnacle balls these days have a thinner, and far more pliable cover that is larger than earlier incarnations. This combines both distance and a softer touch on approaches as well as on the greens.