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Bandit World Record Golf Balls Review

New Super Reactive Core for Greater Velocity! Revolutionary Aerodynamic Dimple Design! Smaller Diameter for Increased Flight Time! Heavier Gram Weight for More Roll!

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Bandit Golf Balls & Gloves

Bandit Golf is producing the longest distance non conforming golf ball! The new and improved Bandit "Maximum Distance" golf ball exceeds USGA distance limits in every possible way.

Up to thirty more yards

Bandit Golf researchers spent three years discovering the best weight, dimple design, and core materials to produce the ultimate longest distance golf ball on the market. Bandit balls not only out distance the best selling USGA approved balls, but also far exceed every other performance golf ball on the market. put in their path!

World's Longest Golf Ball! Exceeds USGA Distance Standards!

Bandit Golf Balls are Setting New Guinness World Records!

At the Extreme Long Drive World Challenge On May 27th at the Whiteford Golf Club in Ottawa Lake, Michigan, Bandit Maximum Distance golf balls were used to set 5 world records. Final processing is being completed before they are officially recorded as the new Guinness World Records.

  • Long Drive Overall Distance World Record: New Record is now 566 yards.
  • Long Drive Carry Distance World Record: New record is now 527 Yards.
  • Golf Ball Overall Combined Distance World Record (Right Hand/Left Hand added together.
  • Golf Ball Overall World Speed Record: New record is now 245 MPH.
  • Golf Ball Combined World Speed Record (Right Hand/Left Hand added together.

All 5 WORLD RECORDS were established using the Bandit Golf Ball!

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