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Golf Balls are obviously a major part of you gold game and ultimately your score! Golf ball manufacturers have grown steadily in the last century.

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Some of the major golf ball manufacturers today are:

Balata, Ben Hogan, Bridgestone, Callaway, Chocolate, Crystal, Dunlop Sports, Hippo, Intech, Jazz, Kasco, Lady, Maxfli, Mojo, Nike Golf, Nitro Golf, Nfl, Noodle, NXT, Ping, Pinnacle Golf Balls, Precept, Pro-Curio, Ram, Slazenger, Srixon Golf Balls, Strata Golf Balls, TaylorMade, Titleist, Top-Flite, Vulcan, Volvik, V1, Wilson, Yonex

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Top Golf Ball Manufacturers Brands

Originally, there were only a few brands like Precept that held most of the market. Now there are many manufacturers out there, and fierce competition among golf ball manufacturers has brought down the prices considerably over the last several decades. But top brands - while in a fierce competition, continue to dig deeper into technology to stay on top and improve the golf ball year after year.

Golf Ball Construction and Design

When you shop for golf balls it's important to know that the construction and design of golf balls has changed drastically since the beginning of the sport.

Originally some of the first golf balls made consisted of a leather pouch that was packed full of goose feathers. The feathers were wet when they were being inserted into the pouch which then dried to become very hard and solid. These types of balls were given the nickname “featheries” and a good drive with one of these balls was thought to be in the 150-175 yard range.

In 1848 the Gutta-percha ball was developed using dried gum of Malaysian sapodilla trees. It was found that when their exteriors become rough, they then flew much better. They were then manufactured with rough exteriors.

In 1898, the Haskell ball was invented. All of today’s wound balls from any golf ball shop are a direct descendent of the Haskell ball.

In 1966, the first solid one piece golf ball was produced. This later led to the development of other solid balls, such as two-piece balls and multi-layer balls. For quite some time golfer’s strongly preferred wound balls because they seemed to provide better spin control over the newer solid balls. However, wound balls are not as durable and tend to not travel as far as some solid balls from golf ball stores.

A high-restitution core allows for more of the energy from a golf club to be transferred to the golf ball at impact. With technology advancing, multi-layer golf ball designs combine many layers of different state-of-the-art materials which allow for better overall performance. With the rapid advancement of technology, there must be a limit to how technologically advanced anyone can make a golf ball perform.

The USGA has set several guidelines regulating the construction and design of golf balls. To be recognized and approved by the USGA, a golf ball must meet the following:

  • Weight: The weight of the ball shall not be greater than 1.620 ounces avoirdupois (45.93 gm).
  • Size: The diameter of the ball shall not be less than 1.680 inches (42.67 mm).
  • Spherical Symmetry: The ball must not be designed, manufactured or intentionally modified to have properties which differ from those of a spherically symmetric ball.
  • Initial Velocity: The initial velocity of the ball shall not exceed the limit specified (test on file with USGA), when measured on apparatus approved by USGA.
  • Overall Distance Standard: The combined carry and roll of the ball, when tested on apparatus approved by USGA, shall not exceed the distance specified under conditions set forth in the Overall Distance Standard for golf balls on file with USGA

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