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West Coast Trends, Inc. was founded in 1990 by Jeffrey Herold, an avid surfer and golfer.

One day Jeff decided to cut up his wetsuit and design head covers for his golf clubs. Soon after, he introduced a line of premium neoprene golf club head covers, which he aptly named: Club Glove.

The Club Glove head covers quickly became popular with golfers of every skill level.

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After introducing travel bag designs that were similar to others then on the market, Jeff was dissatisfied with the design and durability of those products. He set out to create his own travel bag, spending nearly a year designing the first Club Glove travel cover. He named it the "Last Bag", as in the last travel bag a golfer will have to buy.

The Club Glove Last Bag is currently used by over 90% of the professional golfers on all U.S. Tours combined. The Last Bag has been used by every Team USA since 1997.

The Legendary Aficionado stand bag now on it s fourth generation, continues the tradition of function and durability, while weighing in under 5 lbs. Enjoy what looks to be the highest quality stand bag available today.

Over the past several years, West Coast Trends has developed an expansive line of Club Glove travel bags and accessories. In response to countless requests from touring and club professionals, Jeff launched a Club Glove line of premium golf bags in 2001. The line included two unique, innovative stand bags and a luxury cart bag. The Club Glove golf bag line is gaining tremendous momentum, and is seen on golf courses throughout the United States. As a testament to the design and functionality of the new Club Glove bags, West Coast Trends was the Captain's pick to build the staff bags for the 2004 and 2006 United States Teams.

Club Glove Products

Aficionado, Mini Rolling Duffle, Piggy Back, Shoe Bag, Shwine Bag, Suit Organizer, Trolley System, Collegiate Stand Bag, New Gear Bag, FCO Luxury Cart Bag, Rolling Duffle Travel Bags, Stiff Arm

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Butthead Golf Club Head Covers come in a number of themes to fit your needs.

Club Glove® builds travel luggage, golf bags, golf towels and golf accessories with 3 things in mind:

  • quality
  • function
  • durability

Durability doesn't mean it has to weigh more.

Club Glove engineering for all their products insures they are the strongest and lightest available and are the highest price-to-value quotient in the world!  The entire line of travel luggage features a unique, patent-pending Train Reaction™ System that allows for an array of luggage pieces to be effortlessly and quickly joined together for ease of transport with just one hand.

All products are thoroughly tested before they are made available for sale to the general public. Compare for yourself the uncompromising quality and warranty they with and what the pros have to say about Club Glove® products.

It's impossible to find a better built, more functional line of travel luggage for your golf equipment.