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Butthead Golf Club Head Covers

Butthead Golf Club Covers

An idea was born on a golf outing, when a fellow golfer asked what was in our golf bag. He commented "It looks like a turkey's butt". It was actually a well worn reindeer with its antlers hanging low.

A few holes later, the idea of Butthead Covers was born and the company evolved from there.

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Butthead Golf is a way to poke fun at the joy of golf and its camaraderie of friends and strangers, love of nature and the competition of sport. You have to have a sense of humor for playing golf and the butthead covers can fully express that.

Blended years of extensive corporate training and leadership experience with a passion for life, golf, and family have produced a way to fully enjoy your golf round in a humorous way. The passion of helping others is at the forefront of Buttheads Covers Golf business, in which they can give back to the community. A portion of every sale initiated through butthead covers website is donated to charity.

Butthead Golf Club Head Covers is a family oriented business that bring the fun of humor to the golf game to ensure your round is as enjoyable as it can be. Laugh a little - it's healthy!

Corporate Butthead Golf Club Covers

Your company, charity, organization or club will gain recognition on golf courses everywhere with any  stock head cover or use the Butthead team to work closely with you to custom design your mascot or theme into a cover.

These head covers have proven to be extremely effective marketing tools for industry conferences, conventions, corporate retreats, promotions, gifts and of course corporate and charity golf tournaments. You can have your logo embroidered for custom designs or attach metal, embroidered or pvc tags with your logo to any design in stock.

Check out our guides here to enjoy some humor on the golf course.

Butthead Golf Club Head Covers come in a number of themes to fit your needs.

Corporate, Women, Sports, Patriotic, Kids, College, Charity, Butthead , Bootyful People, Animal Mall, Through the Woods, Wet and Wild, Exotic, Cats and Dogs, Wings and Stings, Funny Farm, Tiny Hiny, Throwback, Bling, Novelty, Heart

Funny choices include several themes to choose from like: Butthead Bootyful People, Animal Mall, Through the Woods, Wet and Wild, Exotic, Cats and Dogs, Wings and Stings, Funny Farm, Tiny Hiny

Humor is one of the best tools on the golf course to keep us relaxed and when we are calm, we play better golf. While golf is a truly unique and wonderful game that brings people together in nature for the love of sport, it can also test our patience. Having a sense of humor while on the links is an important part of making the game of golf fun. ButtHead covers are nothing if not irreverent, and are a great way to keep the game relaxed. Express your humorous side with Butthead golf club head covers.