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US Kids Golf


The mission of U.S. Kids Golf is to help kids have fun learning the lifelong game of golf and to encourage family interaction that builds lasting memories.

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US Kids Golf Clubs and Accessories

U.S. Kids Golf was started in January, 1997, as a solution to the problem its founder, Dan Van Horn, had when getting his kids into golf. Dan Van Horn began developing Ultralight Kidsklubs, designed to be 25% lighter than adult and most junior clubs, and formed the company U.S. Kids Golf.

Since then, parents and pros across the country and around the world have seen the incredible difference Ultralight and Performance Light Kidsklubs have made in their child's swing and enthusiasm for the game. Ultralight and Performance Light Kidsklubs are changing the way kids learn and enjoy the game of golf. Once in your child's hands, you'll understand why.

U.S. Kids Golf TOUR SERIES Clubs

Made from the same high-tech materials as leading brand adult equipment including beta forged titanium drivers, stainless steel woods and irons, black nickel spin wedges and more. For intermediate to advanced level.


  • 6% heavier Clubhead weight than in Ultralight clubs.

  •  Graphite shafts are stiffer for higher swing speeds and frequency matched to get stiffer as the player becomes taller.

  • Drivers are constructed to achieve maximum allowable performance and conform to USKG rules.

  • More precise club lengths are featured between sets with woods increasing 2" in length and all other clubs increasing 1.5".

  • Grips increase in size for appropriate feel as hands continue to grow.

US Kids Golf Ultralight Series Clubs

The #1 choice worldwide for beginning golfers. Available in two color choices for each size.


  • Clubhead weight increases through the sets as the child grows.

  • Kids-flex composite shafts are frequency matched and spined.

  • Components are all made from lightweight, quality materials.

  • Woods increase 4" in length for each size change and all other clubs increase 3".

  • Grips increase in size for appropriate feel as hands continue to grow.

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