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Speed Stik Golf Swing Training Aid - Discount Golf Outlet Prices


The Speed Stik Golf Swing Trainer works to strengthen specific golf muscles, increasing your flexibility, and enhancing your sense of balance. The Speed Gauge is easy to decipher because it is calibrated in miles per hour (mph). Set your own goals and pace, to improvement your performance.

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Speed Stik Golf Swing Training Aid



Clubhead Speed Approx.Yard

World Long Drive Champ 150 mph 375+

Men's PGA Tour 120 mph 300+

Ladies LPGA Tour 100 mph 250+

Male Amateur 90 mph 225+

Female Amateur 70 mph 175+


+ 10 MPH = 25 MORE YARDS

Mens Red Speed Stik 48"

Mens Blue Speed Stik 48"

Ladies Charity Pink 46"

Extreme Speed Stik 42"

"I picked up 10 MPH Swing Speed from using THE SPEEDSTIK. You will too !!" Vijay Singh

The Speed Stik is one of the most popular golf training aids available, with it you’ll increase the speed of your swing which will enable you to hit the ball farther and score better. Faster = farther. Distance matters in golf and the faster you hit the ball the farther it goes. Improve your sense of balance, strengthen all the important golf muscles, and increase your overall flexibility. As you swing, the Speed Gauge measures your swing speed in miles per hour. To reset the gauge simply tap the handle end against the ground. Great for indoor and outdoor use.


The Speed Stik Helps You:

  • Improves the efficiency of your golf swing.

  •  Enhances flexibility

  • Improves balance

  • Strengthens golf muscles

  • Can be used indoors and out

  • For right or left handed players

  • Endorsed and used by Vijay Singh and Peter Kostis

Choose Blue if you weigh less than 175 lbs.

Choose Red if you weigh more than 175 lbs.

Red SpeedStik-for players 175 lbs. or more, Blue SpeedStik-for players 175 lbs. and less.

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