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Shur-Lock Golf Head Covers and Locking System

Shurlock Golf Products include high quality head covers and a simple to use, cost effective system to prevent the theft of golf clubs and golf bags.

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Shurlock Golf's padded, insulated golf club headcovers provide the best golf club protection. Specifically designed to be water proof in any condition.

Shurlock Golf, designed and patented a modular security theft prevention system that is effective and easy to use.


To secure your clubs and golf bag, the system starts by

  1. wrapping a steel cable tether around an immovable object, such as a bench, tree, etc.,

  2. Insert it back into an opening on the top of the security device.

  3. Pulling up on a single lever

  4. Turning the locking key

This will secure your clubs in the bag and the bag to the bench, that is all that is needed to complete the operation. Your clubs will be secured in the golf bag and the golf bag is secured to the immovable object. You can confidently leave your clubs and bags unattended.


Upon return, simply turn the key to release the fingers , remove the tether from the immovable object, place it in position on the security device , and continue your game.

This Shurlock Golf security system is designed with durability and theft prevention in mind. The complete assembly uses steel and tough reinforced plastic securely mounted into the golf bag with special fasteners. Each shaft is individually secured by plastic "fingers", seated around the shaft diameter. These "fingers" are designed to fit the shaft, yet not mar the graphite shaft itself. The tether is fabricated out of stainless steel aircraft quality cable and tough industrial plastic and can not be removed from the security device itself.

If you care about your current golfing equipment , and want to keep it from being stolen, Please contact Shur lock Golf is the answer.


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