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TaylorMade Repositioning Maxfli as a Distance Golf Ball Brand - TaylorMade was pretty smart when the company bought Maxfli, positioning themselves firmly in the top of the golf ball market.

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Maxfli was an established brand with a good name.

With its new Maxfli brand, TaylorMade set out to take on  many golf equipment aficionados with the Maxfli BlackMax, a worthy challenger to the Pro V1.

TaylorMade now is repositioning the Maxfli brand as the distance seekers' golf ball. To go after, as TaylorMade calls them, the "long ball rebels."

"Long ball rebels" are golfers who revere John Daly, and love hitting the long ball over all other facets of the game.

So it makes sense that TaylorMade has signed up Daly to help promote the new direction for Maxfli.

What TaylorMade is doing with Maxfli sounds like what Titleist did with Cobra and Bridgestone did with Precept.

Look for TaylorMade to keep premium golf balls under the TMaG brand in the future, and value, distance-oriented balls under the Maxfli brand.

Maxfli will continue offering its best-known ball, the Noodle, but also offers two new balls under the new market position TaylorMade has chosen for it

Maxfli Fire: Described as a "premium performance ball," the Fire is a three-piece ball designed to maximize distance while retaining enough softness around greens. Its "blazing ball speed" comes from the "HPF 1000 Speedmantle," which works with the ball's high-energy core to promote ball speed and therefore distance.

Maxfli PowerMax: Offered in two versions, the PowerMAX Distance and PowerMAX Soft Distance, TaylorMade describes the target audience for the PowerMax as "players who revere John (Daly) and his power and who aspire to grip it and rip it like he does. These are the guys who swing out of their shoes on every tee and who live for getting home in two on par fives. Look for them on the driving range, not the practice green, because if they can’t go long, they’d rather not go at all." Well alrightie ... The PowerMax Soft Distance is, of course, a little softer in feel, and provides a little more spin around greens. The PowerMax Distance is designed to spin less and climb quicker.


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