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GreenFix Golf Products at Discount Golf Outlet Prices


GreenFix Golf has designed a new, simple to use, short tong tool for ball mark repair, with a patented "stopper" to prevent excessive root damage and allow for much faster greens healing.

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GreenFix Wizard Golf Mark Repair tool

Today, on an average golf course, players will create over 2,000 new ball marks. The vast majority of these players will use the long tong traditional tool improperly and cause significant damage to the greens.

Danny Edwards, Lifetime PGA TOUR Member and PGA Member decided to study the ball mark problem almost seven years ago. He found the long tong tool is too difficult for the majority of players to use properly. Results indicate that poor technique, not the traditional repair tool, have been at fault.


(The GreenFix Wizard) is less likely to be used incorrectly. You insert the GreenFix blades at a 45-degree angle into the turf around the edge of the ball mark, and gently push in toward the center. It's pretty simple!"

GreenFix ball mark repair tools work on the green's surface, staying out the roots to promote remarkably faster healing and smoother putting surfaces. Be kind to the course with the GreenFix Wizard.

GreenFix Golf is committed to provide players and maintenance crews with simple innovative tools to keep your greens in the top quality condition you expect and that provide value to your golf game.

Ultra safe - Patented depth feature minimizes root damage.

Ultra simple - Pushing method is easy for players to master.

Ultra light - easy to carry in your pocket.

Old fashioned/traditional ball mark repair tools are too long, too sharp and are damaging the fragile grasses used on today's greens. According to a study conducted by Kansas State University, improperly used ball mark tools caused more damage than no repair at all. The study found:

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