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Purchasing a set of golf clubs is the first step to getting started in this great game. There are many different companies that make clubs, each making their own claims about quality and playability. However, for most novice’s, a basic inexpensive set is all that’s required.

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Golf Balls, Golf Clubs, and Equipment

Aside from clubs, most golf equipment is relatively inexpensive. Items like golf balls, towels, bags, etc. can be found through most local sporting goods stores. Golf irons usually make up the bulk of the clubs in the average golf bag. This is because these clubs are used for most aspects of the game. Golfers often spend more money on their putter than any other type of club.


More often than not, when purchasing a set of clubs, a bag will be included.


Purchasing a golf set can often be the most economical way to buy your first clubs, or upgrade your existing set. These sets are often pre-assembled in packages for different skill levels.


There are essentially three types of golf clubs in most collections: woods, irons, and a putter. Many golfers carry a few “specialty” golf clubs in their bag. A sand wedge, for instance, is technically considered an iron but is only used for hitting the ball out of a sand trap. Fairway woods are also common clubs, although these are more commonly used by amateurs than professionals.


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