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CertainTee Golf Tee's at Discount Golf Outlet Prices


Certain Tee: Standard length tees tend to be too short and extra long tees often break easily and are difficult to set at a consistent height. Now CertainTee provides a major advance in tee design that can will make your game more consistent and enjoyable.

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CertainTee Consistently Easy Set Golf Tee's

CertainTee Golf Tees

Consistent tee height can improve the consistency of your ball striking. Use CertainTee and you will see your game improve. CertainTee™ is designed to providing one more levels of consistency to your game and make you a better golfer.


Repeating the setting you adopt for your swing or club will be easy with the visual and sensory feedback provided by the stops. The Hi-tech impact resistant CertainTee has THREE (3) height setting stops so you can be assured your setting your tee at a consistent height.

First Stop is the optimal height for large head drivers.

Two Additional Stops allow you to consistently tee your ball to lower heights (for smaller woods and irons).


Simply push the tee deeper to any position you might desire. You can easily tee your ball to your custom setting with CertainTee since the rib design allows you to override the “stops”. Repeating the setting you adopt for your swing or club will be easy with the visual and sensory feedback provided by the stops every time you insert one into the ground. The small diameter tip affords easy penetration of the tee box but is long enough to assure a stable platform for your ball.

CertainTee is made from a modern Hi-Tech impact resistant polymer that is totally recyclable, yet it is soft enough to be friendly to your clubs and the groundskeeper’s equipment. They easily outlast wooden tees.

Certain Tee is available in 4 distinctive colors – Blue, Red, White and Yellow. Packaged in individual colors in a 5 pack or 20 bag for your convenience.

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