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Get a Bushnell Golf Rangefinder at Discount Golf Outlet Prices


Bushnell Golf Laser Rangefinders

The most trusted technologies in professional golf. Bushnell pioneered the golf laser rangefinder, and they have developed every technological break-through ever since.


Targeting modes: PinSeeker™ senses and locks to the flagstick, ignoring background clutter. Slope Mode measures slope and compensates range based on trajectory and club selection. And Scan Mode allows you to view continuously updated distances to targets as you pan across the landscape.


Bushnell is the brand of choice for over 90% of PGA, LPGA and Champions Tour Pros.

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PinSeeker Technology Inside

A game of inches becomes a game of yards if your rangefinder gives false readings. The problem with most ranging devices is the target is in constant competition with larger objects that surround it. These larger objects, such as trees, contain greater signal strength and provide more reflectivity than the target, resulting in false distance readings. So what are you really aiming at?

The best approach begins with the Bushnell PinSeeker Advantage. PinSeeker Technology ensures accurate target acquisition because it isolates your target, completely shutting out background hazards. When more than one object is sensed, the closer of the two is displayed so the desired distance is calculated every time within +/– 1 yard.

Improve your game at a glance.

Bushnell® extends its golf distance-measuring dominance to the world of GPS. Introducing four new rangefinders that make the most sophisticated GPS technology simpler than ever before.


Yardage Pro® XGC vividly displays distance information on a High-Resolution color screen, and its full-color custom mapping provides accurate distance to any point on the hole.


Yardage Pro XG includes many of the same advanced features, in an easy to read black and white format.


Yardage Pro and Neo give golfers distance to the front, center and back of the green instantly, in the easiest to use golf GPS units on the planet. For every type of game, and for every skill level, there’s a Bushnell GPS to match.

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