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Bat Caddy Electric Golf Carts

Welcome to the Leading Global Brand of Electric Golf Push Carts! If you are getting tired of wasting money on renting riding carts or carrying your heavy golf bag, the Bat-Caddy electric motorized golf push kaddy cart is the perfect solution for you!

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Bat Caddy Golf Carts

The Bat-Caddy® Electric Golf Caddy models are the best value on the market! Bat-Caddy - Electric Golf Caddy's are well designed, light and powerful series electric push golf caddie carts, available as manually, as well as fully remote controlled.


Models Include

  1. High tech, fully remote controlled Bat-Caddy X3R™

  2. Innovative manually controlled Bat-Caddy X2 Pro™

X2P Bat-Caddy®

X2 Pro

The Bat Caddy X2 Pro is a highly innovative manually controlled electric golf caddy


X3R Bat-Caddy®


The Bat Caddy X3R is a highly innovative remote controlled electric golf caddy.


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