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Funny Golf Dictionary - U

Golf Dictionary - What golf terms really mean

Ugly Anything bad that happens to you on the course, especially when you hit a poor shot, is ugly. So when you hit an incredibly bad shot, don't curse, just say, "Man, that was ugly," and everyone will nod with understanding.

Umbrella - The only long, stick-shaped object with a shaft and a handle routinely found in golf bags that is just as useless in getting the ball into the hole as a putter is.

Unplayable Lie, Ball - The rules of golf make the player "the sole judge" of whether his or her ball is unplayable, and most players use this judicial power to waive the usual penalty for moving the ball in light of their standing in the community.

Up and Down - Holing out from off the green in two strokes: an Approach shot and a single putt. It is more common for players to go "up, across, beyond, next to, around and down" or "up, way over, under, into, through, along, onto, beside and down."

Upshoot A shot hit with a higher-than-anticipated trajectory to a point short of the target. Also called ballooning.

U.S.G.A. - The United States Golf Association, which is responsible for drafting and enforcing regulations in America. It stands in the same relation to golfers as the Securities and Ex change Commission does to inside traders.

U-turn A putt that rolls all the way around the edge of the cup before corning out.

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